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About Zebra Finches
Zebrafinch Info
Fact File on Zebra Finches
Anatomy of the Zebra Finch
Taxonomy: biological systematics
Biology & wildlife
Zebra Finch experiences in Australia
News about Zebra Finches

Acquisition, Board and Lodging ...
Pet Birds?
Acquisition: How to get the birds ...
Keeper-Check: Requirements on the Keeper's Part
Bird-Check: Requirements on the Bird's Part
Housing: Where to put the birds?
Feeding: What do Zebra Finches actually eat?

Photo Album 1: Zebra Finches in German & English
Zebra Finch Portraits
Proper Aviaries
Aviary Equipment
Nesting: Building a Nest
Zebra Finch Offspring
Wild Zebra Finches in Australia
Landscapes of Australia

Zebra Finch Readers' Letters
Reader's letter 1: Too many finches in the aviary?
Reader's letter 2: Handfeeding?
Reader's letter 3: Rescue the new born?
Reader's letter 4: Feathers on the floor
Reader's letter 5: Feather biting
Reader's letter 6: (Rearing) food
Reader's letter 7: Zebra cock not accepted by other Zebra finches
Reader's letter 8: ?
Reader's letter 9: ?
Reader's letter 10: ?
Reader's letter 11: ?
Reader's letter 12: ?
Reader's letter 13: ?
Reader's letter 14: ?
Reader's letter 15: ?
Reader's letter 16: ?
Reader's letter 17: ?
Reader's letter 18: ?
Reader's letter 19: ?
Reader's letter 20: ?

HyperLinks about Zebra Finches, Softbills, Aviculture, Australia etc.
Zebra Finches
Avicultere (Keeping of birds)
Climate, Weather
Searching the Internet

Literature on Zebra Finches, Aviculture, Diseases etc. (mostly German & English)
Books on Zebra Finches
Articles on Zebra Finches
Estrildid Literature
Aviculture (Keeping of Birds)

German and Dutch pages

News about this Website in German
This page: structure and sontents, ©

About the Author and the Book
The Author
The book: the English or US-American editions resp.
The Danish edition
The Dutch edition
The original German edition
The Norwegian edition
The Czech edition

First Aid in case of illness

Foto Album 2: Australian Animals (German and English)

Aviaries: Building instructions in German
Construktion principle
Wood Work
Metal Parts
Sources of Supply
Artificial illumination

Ornithology / Aviculture
The articles on more general ornithological subjects, esp. aviary construction, that you find on my German web site are not available in English. You may want to look at the graphics, though.

Further Pages
Aborigines: The indigenous people of Australia (German)
Aborigines: Introduction
Civilisation versus Culture
(Ab)original Culture
Tool Culture
Art and Culture
The Six Seasons

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Further Websites
Tierkunde-Kreis Zoology-Circle, e. g.:
Aviculture: Info Centre for Keepers of birds
Animal and Nature: Protection of species and habitats
German Orthography: When is your writing right?
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