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Addressee: info@Zebrafinch-Friends.English
Subject: E-Mail Contact

Every Zebra Finch Friend is welcome to contact me in order to point out factual or spelling errors or dead hyperlinks to me, exchange avicultural experience, give me tips or ask questions.

However, Zebra Finch friends should also understand that not every urgent question can be answered within hours and that trivial enquiries are often left unanswered for some time. I therefore recommend that visitors first look for an enquiry about the same subject among the many readers' letters. Here are six more requests:

  • Please make sure that your e-mails and their attachments do not contain any viruses.
  • Please always fill in the subject line in your e-mails, so that I will classify your messages as Zebrafinch mail – and not suspect them of containing viruses and erase them.
  • Please announce attachments of more than 100 KB.
  • Please always give me at least your surname, otherwise your e-mail won't be answered.
  • Please try to avoid local colloquialisms and abbreviations (asap = 'as soon as possible' e. g.) that may be unknown in other parts of the English speaking world – my native language is not English!
  • Please use MIME ('Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions') as a compression method for your e-mails, if possible; otherwise encoded mail – "uuencoded" e. g. – will not or only be displayed in an attachment (as "part1.htm") in those e-mail clients which use the ASCII format.

The e-mail address is:

Attention – two security warnings:

  1. If your e-mail is returned to you as undeliverable, this is generally due to several big SPAM-mails which have flooded my mail box. In this case send your e-mail again two or three days later, please.
  2. If you receive e-mails from addresses like,,,, etc. please do not open them: Some contemporaries have a lot of time and forge e-mail addresses!

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