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By Hans-Jürgen Martin

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Zebra Finches have become the most popular cage birds in European aviaries behind their "competitors", the budgies and canaries: They are pretty, colourful and lively, relatively robust and easy to breed, interesting to watch and thus popular with aviculturists, showbird breeders and ethologists alike. On the following pages you can learn about Zebra Finches in their natural habitat in Australia and get "first aid" advice in case you have stumbled across a Zebra Finch (or the bird across you) or are thinking about buying some. A great number of photos, mainly in my Zebra Finch album, illustrate the texts.

Since the publication of my Zebra Finch book in 1984 I have kept receiving readers' letters from keepers of these endearing estrildid finches. You now have an opportunity to read some of these enquiries and my answers to them.
    By the way, English is not my native language: if you find wrong or inadequate wording or other mistakes, please let me know!

About Zebra Finches Miscellaneous Ornithology / Aviculture
The articles on more general ornithological subjects, esp. on aviary construction, that you find on my German home page are not available in English. You may want to look at the graphics, though.

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