Facts on Zebra Finches

Taxonomy (Biological System)
FamilyEstrildids / waxbills & grass finches (Estrildidae)
GenusPoephila (also: Taeniopygia)
SpeciesPoephila guttata
SubspeciesPoephila guttata guttata (on the Lesser Sunda Islands)
Poephila guttata castanotis (in Australia)

Data for keeping in the aviary
Length, weightapprox. 11 cm, approx. 12 grams
Habitatdry grass steppe with little high vegetation
Temperaturein arid climate: from 6° C; brooding: from 12° C; no humid climate.
Nutritionin nature: grass seeds (ripe and half ripe);
in the aviary: small to medium-sized millet varieties.
Life expectancynature: uncertain (depending on weather, food and predators);
aviary: with good housing and care: approx. 9 years,
under very good conditions also: 10 years or a bit more
Nestspherical (Ø 12–20 cm) with short lateral entrance tunnel
Clutch4–6 with eggs (fewer from young females),
10–11 mm im diameter and approx. 15 mm long
Incubationat least 11 days, counted from the 3rd/4th egg
Rearing foodnature: ripe(ning) grass seeds, little animal diet (insects) – always soaked in the crop;
aviary: dry and sprouted millet, purchasable rearing food mixed with some egg and cottage cheese – always soaked in the crop.
Nestling timeat least 21 days
Weanedfrom the 5th or 6th week of life (2–3 weeks after leaving the nest)
Juvenile moltfrom the 8th week of life; at the age of 3 months fully coloured.
Sexual maturityfemale: at the age of 3 months (end of juvenile molt)
male: at the age of 3½ months

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