Lezersbrief 5: Uit het nest!

Aanvraag Hallo,
Ik heb even een vraagje: Mijn zebravinkjes hebben een jonkie. Maar het mannetje gooit hem steeds uit het nest. Wat kan ik hieraan doen? heb hem steeds teruggezet. Tot nu toe 3 keer.


Antwoord Hallo Carola,
I've just returned from my holidays in Scotland, so I can only answer your e-mail now. I hope you can understand this:

Your Zebra Finches may still be too young for successfully bringing up offspring. They simply ma not be able to recognize the tiny heap of flesh as their young. Another possible explanation is that the male didn't have enough nesting material from the start and is now trying to go on building his nest - even if this means on top of his clutch; it is essential for successful breeding that the birds be given a chance to satisfy this nest building instinct, so provide enough nesting material at all times.

If you think you can rescue the baby you might try separating the pair, but I'm not at all sure this would work, and you would of course need a second cage ...

Hans-Jürgen Martin

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