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Zebra Finch Book 1985  

Zebra Finches

"This handy Pet Owner's Manual answers all your questions about purchase, care and feeding, illnesses – even the mysteries of behaviour: Prepared by experts (yet simple enough for young pet owners), it contains up-to-date advice, informative drawings, and superb color photos."
  Zebra Finch Book 2000
© 1985; ISBN 0-8120-3497-X  

Barron's Educational Series, Inc., NY (

  © 2000; ISBN 0-7641-1040-3


Preface  4

Considerations Before You Buy  5
Zebra Finches as Pets  5
Are You Sure Zebra Finches Are for You?  6
Where You Can Purchase Zebra Finches  6
What to Watch Out for When You Buy  7
How to Rcognize Healthy Zebra Finches  8
Who Will Look after the Zebra Finches When
   You Go on Vacation?  8

Housing and Equipment  9
Proper Accomodation for Birds  9
Cages and Small Aviaries  9
Indoor Aviaries  11
A Bird Building or Ourdoor Aviary  13
Do-It-Yourself Bird Homes  14
The Right Location  15
Temperature and Humidity  15
Daylight and Artificial Light  15
Perches for Zebra Finches  16
Sleeping and Incubation Nests  19
Food and Water Containers  20

Suitable Food and Proper Feeding  22
Food and Feeding  21
Seeds  22
Sprouted Seeds  24
Greens and Fruit  24
Soft and Rearing Foods  26
Minerals and Trace Elements  26
Vitamins  29
Sand and Water  30

The Keeping and Care of Zebra Finches  31
The Trip Home and Acclimation  31
Chores  32
Dangers for Your Zebra Finches  33
List of Dangers  34
Handling Zebra Finches  35
How Zebra Finches Spend Their Days  36
Zebra Finches and Other Birds  37
  Reproduction and Breeding  39
Things to Consider Before You Decide to Breed
   Your Birds  39
Selecting a Partner  40
Nests and Nesting Materials  41
Building the Nest  42
Egg Laying and Incubation  43
Raising the Young  43
The Growing Up of the Fledglings  47
Breeding Problems  49
What You Should Know about the Different
   Color Strains  49
Advice to the Beginner  50
How Are the Colors Passed On?  51
The Most Important Color Strains  52

If Your Zebra Finches Get Sick  55
Prevention Is the Best Cure  55
General Signs of Illness  55
First Measures  55
The Hospital Cage  56
A Medicine Cabinet for Birds  57
The Trip to the Veterinarian  57
Diseases and Their Treatment  57
List of the Most Important Symptons of Illness  58

Understanding Zebra Finches  65
Zebra Finches and Their Family  65
Anatomy of a Zebra Finch  66
Habitat and Distribution  68
The Behavior of Zebra Finches  68
    Flocks and Colonies  69
    Preening  69
    Feeding  70
    Fear Reactions  70
    Aggressive Behavior  70
    Calls and Other Vocalizations  71
How Zebra Finches Recognize Each Other  71
Pairing and Courtship  72
Brooding and Rearing  73
Consequences of Domestication  76

Index  79

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