Readers' Letters by and for Zebra Finch friends

Dear Zebra Finch friends,
this website category does not offer you an opportunity to directly comminicate with other fans of these endearing estrildid finches, but a limited selection of exemplary readers' letters on subjects which keep being approached.

Therefore your contributions are no longer in chronological order, as in the beginning, but arranged thematically: From the acquisition and the breeding to the diseases you will find a lot of questions and answers, problems and solutions – and further contributions in German and Dutch, in case you understand these languages.

  Zebra Finch book

If you cannot find any answers or solutions to your questions and problems, you can send me an e-mail; the only thing I ask is that you tell me your name. You have to be aware that your letter might be published, though! If you do not want certain details to become known to the public (e. g. address, e-mail address), simply point them out to me. And please: Don't forget to tell me your name! However, you cannot count on your letter being published: questions overly banal or those which have been asked frequently are not accepted (any longer). Two examples:

Hans-Jürgen Martin

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